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Mayor Dwayne D. Warren gives his first State of the City address to an audience at Orange Preparatory School January 31, 2013.
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In a crowded auditorium on a freezing January evening, Mayor Dwayne D. Warren delivered his inaugural State of the City address at the Orange Preparatory School, laying out his vision for moving Orange forward.

The Mayor highligheds activities during his first eight months in office, with "grand openings, ribbon cuttings, and ground breakings". He discussed the impact Hurricane Sandy had on Orange, and how city employees and residents pulled together to survive and recover from the storm. Mayor Warren singled out Emergency Management Chief John Wade for special praise, remarking that Wade "didn't go home" that week during the ordeal. The Mayor also highlighted his negotiations with Essex County for the new Orange Reservoir project. The property "will receive improvements and be available for our enjoyment this spring", giving Orange residents more recreational opportunities. Mayor Warren said the Orange Public Library is "on the road to stability and growth in terms of outreach and collections", thanking Karen Wells for her efforts.

Orange Police Director Hakim Simms was tasked by the Mayor with creating and implementing an aggressive plan of action to combat crime in the City by March 1. The Mayor also announced the launch of a gun buy back program, a stop and frisk policy, and more vehicle checkpoints.

Mayor Warren asked residents to learn more about how local government works—and get involved in the process. "Ask questions of your Mayor, and your council", Mayor Warren advised. The Mayor also challenged the City Council to partner with him to hold the line on taxes, budget reform, the establishment of a parking authority and other Administration initiatives that would benefit Orange residents. "The time for politics has passed", Mayor Warren remarked to the audience.

Finally, the Mayor asked local businesses to step up and assist little league teams with funding. "Our children should not have to shake cups at intersections" to raise money for sports equipment and travel expenses, Mayor Warren said. The City of Orange Township recreation department will expand its scope beyond sports to include career guidance and training for youth.
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