Greg Tynes, Recreation Supervisor


The Division of Recreation will provide all citizens of the City of Orange Township with the highest level of programs, facilities and services for our community. The City of Orange Township's Division of Parks and Recreation services will help to create a community through the efforts of our staff and volunteers who make connections with our residents, to improve the quality of life in The City of Orange Township.

Mission Statement

The Department of Community Services works to promote the well-being of children, young adults and the senior community. We enhance the quality of life by promoting good physical and mental health, preventing illness and injury, protecting the environment, and providing recreational services to residents of all ages. We work to build stronger families and communities through evidence-based health initiatives, a collaboration of public events and festivals, and information exchange.

Our goal is to improve the health of the community by emphasizing prevention, environmental control, health promotion, and education. We invite you and your family to use the services provided by the Department of Community Services.


Department Goals

  • Provide Diversified Recreational and Educational Experiences
  • Foster Human Development
  • Promote Health and Wellness
  • Strengthen Community Image and Sense of Place
  • Efficiently utilize resources and demonstrate fiscal responsibility   
  • Develop and Cultivate Partnership
  • Support Economic Development
  • Protect environmental resources
  • Develop and empower staff
  • Be good stewards of public resources