Summary of Major Office Functions


Duties and Responsibilities
  • Keep and preserve the minutes and records of the proceedings of Council.
  • Preserve and compile all ordinances and resolutions and at the end of each year, codify and bind all ordinance and resolutions.
  • Have and take custody of all official books, papers, and documents of the City for which no other provision is made.
  • Provide secretarial and clerical services for the Council and all Council members in the discharge of their official duties.
  • Perform the functions required by Municipal Clerks by the general election Law and any other State law or ordinance and receive the City use the fees prescribed therefore.
  • Perform the functions vested in the Clerk by State law and ordinances relating to bingo and raffles licensing.
  • The clerk shall act as: the coordinator and records manager responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs as mandated;
  • Over the Open Public Records Act on behalf of the municipality;
  • Coordinate activities between the Council and the various boards and bodies of the City, collect, and distribute the minutes of various boards and bodies of the City to the City Council.

General Description
The Municipal Clerk's Office and its staff serve as liaisons to the City Council and the public. This Office assists and supervises with voter registration; the issuance of liquor licenses, amusement games licenses, towing licenses, taxicab licenses; bingo and raffle licenses, and solicitation permits.  Messages can be left for City Council Members.  The office is also responsible for the maintaining of municipal records such as minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and updating of the Municipal Code.

In addition, this office is where the public comes to obtain copies of the City Code, City Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes, Development Regulations, the City Street Map, the Zoning Map, the Municipal Code, and other general information.