Acting Police Director John Wade


Hakim Sims
Acting Orange Township Police Director John Wade is working to fulfill Orange Police Department's primary committment to providing essential and professional services to all who live, work, and travel throughout Orange.

Mission Statement

The Orange Police Department's mission is to protect Orange residents, providing efficient quality police services and promoting a safe environment through police-citizen partnerships, with an emphasis on mutual trust, integrity, fairness and professionalism.


About the Acting Director: John Wade

John Wade has been the Police Director since May 13, 2015. Prior to that, his leadership as the Deputy Coordinator of Operations for the Office of Emergency Management led to the successful recovery efforts of our city from Hurricane Sandy. Hired as a Police Officer in October 1990, Director Wade rose to the rank of Lieutenant during his distinguished years of service. He held several key positions within the Orange Police Department, to include Executive Officer to the Police Director, Special Operations, Internal Affairs, Narcotics, and Community Relations. Director Wade's law enforcement liaison work, and assignments to outside agencies at the county, state, and federal level has earned him a very well respected reputation within the law enforcement community. Director Wade's career achievements include his two-year assignment of working with the youth within the Heywood Avenue School, and the five years that he was the designated "Weed Coordinator" for the Weed and Seed Strategy for the City of Orange Township. During his assignment to Weed and Seed, Director Wade was responsible for the coordination, collaboration, managing and leveraging of local, county state, and federal law enforcement resources upon the designated City of Orange Township Weed and Seed Target Area. His work has been formally recognized by the US Department of Justice as a "Best Practice" strategy. At the end of that five-year strategy, the local, national, and international investigations involving his Special Operations Unit received formal recognition from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the US Senate, the US Attorney for the District of New Jersey, the US Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Office of the Governor for the State of New Jersey, for their impact at the local level. Director Wade continues to contribute to the career that he believes in through his position as an Adjunct Instructor at the Essex County College Public Safety Academy, because he believes that the quality cultivation of those at the police recruit level is of the utmost importance.


Deputy Director: Todd Warren

Todd R. Warren was born in Newark, New Jersey to Melvin and Amelia Warren.  He attended Blessed Sacrament Elementary School and graduated from Hillside High School in 1985.  As the youngest of four siblings, Todd was introduced to public service by his parents and Uncle, former New Jersey State Assemblyman, the late Willie B. Brown at a very early age.

Todd is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a BA Degree in Political Science and is presently pursuing a Masters Degree in Administrative Science at Fairleigh Dickenson University.  In 1993, while employed as an Essex County Probation Officer assigned to Juvenile Family Court, he began working with at-risk youth in Essex County during his spare time.  In 1994, he began a career in law enforcement and graduated from the Essex County Police Academy in 1995.  After graduation, Todd received a number of special assignments and training specialization in area such as Special Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T) Operative, Hostage Rescue, High Risk Warrant Entry and Executive Protection.  Throughout his career, Todd has worked in various aspects of law enforcement including Corrections, Auto Theft Task Force, Internal Affairs and Administration.

In 2001, he formed the Warren Foundation where its motto is “Rebuilding Families and Strengthening Communities”.  Todd spends an abundance of time mentoring at-risk young people and promoting events designed for community enrichment. From 2004-2007, he served as the Warden/Director of the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center where he labored tirelessly to redirect at risk youth from the broad road to destruction to the narrow road to righteousness.  One of his most impressive accomplishments as Director/Warden was redirecting over fifty “Crips” and “Bloods” to turn away from a life of crime towards Christianity.

After laboring tirelessly with at-risk youth, Todd heard a call to Christ.  In 2008, Todd received his spiritual foundation and was licensed at The New Hope Baptist Church of Newark under the leadership of the Late Reverend Dr. Charles E. Thomas.  Presently Todd is serving as Associate Minister at the Paradise Baptist Church in Newark under the leadership of Bishop Jethro C. James. His ministry includes guiding youth on their spiritual journey towards God, self and other lessons conducive to success.

Todd is the current Deputy Director of the Orange Police Department.  He is married to Chevelle Payne-Warren and they are the proud parents of Alyssa and Todd.


Department Achievements

The Orange Police Department is making changes that will put it on track to becoming one of nations's premiere police forces by:

• New computer-aided dispatch system

• Prioritization of a City-wide camera system

• Re-configured personnel to maximize efficiency

• Renewed working relationships with external law enforcement agencies