Council Agendas and Bill Lists


Please note that the agendas provided below are not official copies.
Official copies of City Council meeting agendas and minutes may be obtained from the City Clerk's Office.
(2012-2013 Council Meeting Dates Resolution)

Meeting Date
Bill List
Jan. 9
Bill List
Bill List
Jan. 9 Conference  
Jan. 16 Regular Bill List  
Jan. 16 Conference  
Jan. 23 Regular Bill List  
Jan. 23 Conference  
Feb. 6 Regular Bill List  
Feb. 6 Conference  
Feb. 20 Regular Bill List  
Feb. 20 Conference  
Mar. 6 Regular Bill List  
Mar. 6 Conference  
Mar. 20 Regular Bill List  
Mar. 20 Conference  
Apr. 3 Regular Bill List  
Apr. 3 Conference  
Apr. 17 Regular Bill List  
Apr. 17 Conference  
May 1 Regular Bill List  
May 1 Conference  
May 15 Regular Bill List  
May 15 Conference  
June 5 Regular Bill List  
June 5 Conference  
June 19 Regular Bill List  
June 19 Conference  

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