Director Kenneth M. Douglas


The Fire Department is the enforcement Agency for the City's Fire Code, which is aimed at controlling potential hazards in all structures in the community.
Mission Statement

The Orange Fire Department responds to the building fires, smoke conditions, vehicle and brush fires, electrical and water emergencies, vehicle accidents and extrications, hazardous materials problems, medical emergencies and mutual aid calls to neighboring communities. Every fire is investigated for cause and origin. If arson is suspected, the Bureau works closely with the local police and the Essex County Prosecutor's office to determine the cause. The Fire Code mandates periodic inspections of all commercial, industrial, and office buildings in the community. Residents may request an inspection of their premises to determine whether a fire hazard exists. All new construction, including renovations and additions, are inspected by a Fire Prevention Specialist before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. A Fire Prevention Specialist will conduct a comprehensive examination of the dwelling and prepare a list of recommendations to reduce the possibility of fire. Upon resale, and upon rental, all dwellings are inspected for required smoke detectors, as required by State law.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is also charged with the enforcement of the Fire Subcode Section of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code. Prior to any construction in the Township, either new or alterations, a construction permit is required. In order to obtain this permit, a plan of the work to be done must be submitted to the Building Department for review. The Fire Prevention Bureau then receives all of the life-safety concerns of the work, i.e., sprinklers, exits, and occupant loads and fire alarm systems. Once approved, a recommendation is then forwarded to the Construction Official so that the permit may be issued. Upon completion of the construction, the Fire Prevention Bureau inspects the work to ensure that it conforms to all of the codes.


About the Director: Kenneth M. Douglas

Director Kenneth M. Douglas joined the City of Orange Township's Fire Department (OFD) on January 1, 2015 serving as the Acting Director. He was later confirmed as the township's official Director on March 1, 2015. In May 2014, Director Douglas graduated with High Honors/ Magna Cum Laude, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Service; both awarded by Rutgers University. He was inducted into Phi Alpha-Alpha (National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration) and Phi-Theta Kappa Honor Society. Currently, his pursuing a post graduate studies from Rutgers University, and he is a candidate for a Master's of Arts Degree in Public Administration.

Director Douglas is highly recognized and accredited, having received many certifications in various public safety forums. Of note, he was certified as a NJ State Fire Fighter in 1993, a N.J. Certified Arson Investigator in 2000, and he earned a NJ Division of Criminal Justice / NJ Law & Public Safety PTC Commission Certification in 2000.

Prior to joining the OFD, Director Douglas retired from the Newark Fire Department (NFD), where he served as the Executive Officer, Investigator, Internal Affairs Officer, and Fire Fighter. During his tenure with the NFD, Director Douglas was an active First Responder to all fire and emergency incidents that threatened life and property. Additionally, he served as the community service liaison. Director Douglas is a proud former United States Marine Corp Reservist, husband and father of four. He serves on myriad of community, business and professional organizations at local, state and federal levels. It is Director Douglas' vision to make the City of Orange Township the model for other fire departments to follow, with a focus on fire safety, prevention, and education. Additionally, he is establishing a department of resources that is a reflection of the community. With innovative ideas and a focus on community programs and resources, Director Douglas is enthusiastic about the current and future accomplishments of the OFD and the City of Orange Township.