City Attorney Dan Smith


The City's Law Department manages all of the City's legal affairs. The City Attorney generally oversees the activities of attorneys serving the City on various boards and commissions, as well as a Labor Attorney, and the Municipal Prosecutor.

Mission Statement

The City's law department serves as the legal authority to both the Mayor and the City Council, advising the Mayor and the City Council on the form & sufficiency of all resolutions & ordinances; reviewing and approving all contracts, deeds & documents on behalf of the city of orange township; conducting appeals from orders, decisions or judgments; entering into agreements, compromises, or settlements subject to council approval; rendering legal opinions to the Mayor, City Council, township administrator & department heads; maintaining records of all legal actions; conducting prosecutions as required and administering the municipal insurance fund.


Department Achievements
Under Mr. Smith's leadership, the Law Department has continued to resolve labor matters and other legal issues. Notably, Mr. Smith ensured that the rights of Oranges residents were respected during hard-line negotiations for a lease agreement for the Orange Reservoir, which was approved by City Council. The legal department continues to draft ordinances to address drug zones, dumpsters, and parking issues. As it resolves residual, ongoing litigation against Orange, the Law Department also offered legal advice and counsel to City departments.